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Battery system for homes with existing photovoltaic electrical generators

“Smart Battery”

For those who already have photovoltaic systems installed

Installing a “Smart Battery” 12kWh storage battery,
the home electrical system becomes independent, realizing the “home consumption” of electricity

Until now, with the feed-in tariff, surplus electricity would be sold to the power company. However, the with the end of the buy-back term (10 years) approaching, there is a need to re-evaluate how electricity is used. New homes which “generate” electricity with photovoltaic systems can “store” the electricity in batteries, and “use” this electricity in the home, creating a “profit” through self-consumption. Innovation in home electricity with “Smart Batteries” making use of solar energy which has an unlimited source.

The 2019 Problem

引用:2018912日資源エネルギー庁 住宅用太陽光発電設備のFIT買取期間終了に向けた対応

The fixed price purchase period of 10 years for photovoltaic power generation of less than 10kWh (photovoltaic generators for private homes) is coming to an end. The feed-in tariff (FIT) is a system that started in November, 2009. In November, 2019, 10 years after the start of this system, we will see the first of the expirations of this system. The people who are about to have their FIT expire are selling their surplus electricity at the high rate of 48 yen/kWh. Prices post FIT are expected to be much lower.
Additionally, in 2019 alone, there will be 560 thousand households facing expiration. This is what is known as the “2019 problem”.

Disaster Resistant Houses
“Safe and secure” even in a country like Japan, with many disasters like typhoons, heavy rainfall, earthquakes


Japan, with multiple disasters like typhoons, earthquakes and floods. After a disaster, it said to take 3 to 4 days to re-establish lifelines.
Smart Batteries make use of the unlimited solar energy which falls to the earth in a total self-consumption style which provides security even during long-term blackouts.
Smart batteries are high capacity with more than 10kWh, becoming a back-up power source for the entire house. For power outages of a few hours, it is possible to not to feel any disruptions.

STOP global warming
“Living with solar energy”, not by burning fossil fuels

Our system is not only economic advantages and safety. The worldwide task of bringing an end to global warming requires a reduction of CO2. By “living with solar energy”, we can deliver a livable global environment to the children of the future.

Innovation for home electricity.

Until the [Smart Battery] product announcement.