I can work on a project from a broader perspective because I am given an opportunity to engage in major projects worth hundreds of millions of yen.

Xia Tian Yu

Purchasing Dept., General Affairs Div./Joined in 2018.
She came to Japan from China in 2014 as part of an exchange program. After that, she worked at a Chinese module manufacturer and joined Smart Solar.

It was my goal to work on a major project worth an unprecedented hundreds of millions of yen.

My previous job was as a sales assistant at a Chinese modular manufacturer. Even so, I wanted to make use of my experience as a sales assistant to play an active role at a larger company. I found Smart Solar while I was doing my research.
I decided to join the company because I heard directly from President Tezuka at an interview that I could be involved in projects worth an unprecedented hundreds of millions of yen and handle a vast number of products.

I strive to deliver products faster and safer to meet engineers’ requests.

My job is to gather information on products for various projects within the company such as the company size, financial performance, and positioning of manufacturers to make a thorough comparative review of product quality and pricing.
In addition to being on time for the delivery schedule, it is vital to send products to work sites safely. In case of a failure, the Purchasing Department is in charge of immediate replace of a product with defect.
Today, I know more about products in the new field of maintenance robots. There are many opportunities for me to learn about things I do not know.

Because everyone around me is a high performer, I can focus on my job.

Everyone who works at Smart Solar has vast experience in their own areas of expertise. I like that we can expand each other’s knowledge in day-to-day activities. It also creates an environment where we can focus on our own work.
At the morning assembly every morning, we get to listen to a talk given by President Tezuka. He talks about the code of conduct specifically based on the company’s mission statement. He also teaches us how to think in order to develop standards of judgment, which is informative. I am also proud that President Tezuka is famous in the solar industry.
One of the company’s strengths is a global procurement network. By leveraging our extensive network, I will continuously strive to gain more knowledge and experience, so that I can smoothly negotiate with dozens of manufacturers around the world, as well as to expand the network of personal connections.