President Message

President Message

Creating needs and markets independently. Through forward-looking technology development, we create new value and contribute to regional revitalization and global environmental protection.

President Hirofumi Tezuka

Thirty-eight years in pursuit of the value of photovoltaic power generation

“A missionary for photovoltaic power generation.” I received this mission from President Inamori 38 years ago when I joined Kyocera Corporation. At that time, photovoltaic power generation was expensive and not popular. We have since explored how to serve society and found ways to use photovoltaic power generation for the good of society, such as satellite communications bases, streetlights, and traffic signs. Through these efforts, we came to the realization that we should create needs for ourselves, and if they are the true needs, the market will expand on its own. This belief underlies our efforts and is why we have no sales department in the company. The personnel of the Project Development Department and Business Promotion Department create products from scratch and deliver new value to society.

The disaster on March 11 made us realize the company’s true social contribution.

Japan experiences many natural disasters. We provide a photovoltaic generation system with batteries to schools that serve as community shelters. On March 11, 2011, the night of the Great East Japan Earthquake, one town was dark and without power, except for the elementary school equipped with our photovoltaic generation system. When we saw the scene, we were convinced of the significant need to spread self-sufficient power generation systems into all regions. We believe that a mega solar power plant can serve not only as an emergency power source in the event of a disaster but also as a way to resolve the issue of marginal villages. If we can realize local electric power production for local consumption, we can ensure job creation, the inflow of people, formation of an economic zone, and the revitalization of the community. Eventually, local electric power production will contribute to the prevention of global warming, one of the serious issues we must address globally.

Supporting ambitious attempts

I want to convey to young people that they should address technology development in a forward-looking manner. This is what I was told and what I have since kept in mind. Even if you cannot achieve your goals now, you might in several months or several years as long as you continue to pursue your ideals. Our company provides a working environment where employees can try new ideas in pursuit of their ideals. The corporate motto of our company is “Symbiosis and Creation.” People live together and create new value … we hope to work with people who empathize with this vision and are motivated to contribute to communities around the world.