Here is an environment where I can continue growing together with many colleagues.

Yuichi Mori

Concurrently working for both the Project Development Department and Electric Power System Technology Department/Joined the company in 2013
In my previous jobs at a communication equipment manufacturer and an electronic circuit design office, I was responsible for designing semiconductors and printed circuit boards.
The reason for applying for this job was that I thought that if I joined a small company, I would be able to do a wide range of work.

From development to on-site management

I develop plans for the efficient operation of mega solar projects and carry out related operations: operations for the development permits and licenses, such as forestland development and notification of soil contamination, negotiations with electric power companies, and system design. After construction starts, I go out to the field and manage the work on-site. Since the second year after joining the company, I have become responsible for a variety of operations.

Learning every day and experiencing personal growth

What I enjoy most in my work is that I can acquire new knowledge every day. While I learned electronics, I have been learning a range of different areas after joining the company, such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, construction management, safety and health, and agriculture. I feel that I am growing every day. Moreover, in our company, many tasks are left to our discretion as long as we report them properly. Besides, we can visit many places, such as Hokkaido, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, and Fukushima. I like the corporate culture in that we can propose our ideas freely.

Joy of creating something with many colleagues

As an electric engineer, I am assigned many interesting tasks. I was first put in charge of designing a low voltage distribution board from start to finish and then gradually worked on larger-scale, more challenging tasks, which enabled me to learn how to build a power station in a step-by-step manner. Now, I am a project manager. I work with experts in various fields on-site and am inspired by their professional work and attitude. Since we feel that it's "our power station," the completion of the power station provides a great sense of fulfillment. I am happy that I can share the joy with my colleagues.