Wishing to spread projects that rejuvenate communities and make people happy across the country

Kota Sugawara

Project Development Department/Joined the company in 2017
In my previous job at a leading food manufacturer, I was responsible for production management. I decided to change my job because I was not satisfied with doing routine work on the same daily schedule. I joined Smart Solar Corporation to do some creative work.

Determining project feasibility

When land is introduced to us or a project with a concept that has been elaborated to some extent is brought in, I scrutinize the project and determine feasibility. I collect information for the determination of feasibility from many directions, such as regional laws and regulations and the original use of the land. I consult with electric power companies, government offices, municipalities, and local residents and conduct related operations, including explanations, negotiations, and applications.

Together with people living in the community

When constructing a power station, we need to provide convincing explanations to local residents and gain their understanding. The location of the first project that I took charge of was a rural town in Tohoku with many elderly people. The ward mayor actively offered cooperation. I was happy when he said, "We welcome people coming from outside and undertake something new, because it will reactivate our community." What he said made me realize that our work invigorates a community and makes people living there happy. I determined anew to spread such projects across the country.

Pursuing the question, "Am I on the right track?"

I was assigned as the project leader several months after joining the company. Although I have little experience, I develop plans while considering the views of superiors and team members and keeping in mind to think through if I am on the right track. I try not to think that this is perfect but try to identify the underlying problems. In the course of communicating with team members and people outside the company, I can consider the other person's standpoint or feelings and take the next step while considering what the other person wants. These are the points where I see my personal growth.