antisocial Basic Policy Concerning Anti-Societal Organizations

Basic Policy Concerning Anti-Societal Organizations

Our company has established the following policies in accordance with the fact that we have no ties to any anti-societal organizations including criminal organizations.

1.Our company, in order to isolate itself from the anti-societal organizations which impede a healthy society and economy by being a menace to the social order and safety of the people, will have every agent and executive of our company, firmly and collectively reject any element of these anti-societal organizations.

2.Our company, starting with the top management and through the ranks, will oppose anti-societal organizations and secure the safety of executives and agents of our company who follow through on this policy.

3.Our company will operate in cooperation with external agencies such as the police, anti-violence promotion center, and attorneys at law, to systematically and appropriately prevent damage and negative influences by anti-societal organizations.

4.Our company will not accept any unfair demands by anti-societal organizations, and will take swift legal action as required.

5.Our company refuses to fund anti-societal organizations or make concessions with such groups.