Mega Solar Business


Mechanism of E.P.C.

E.P.C. as a vertical integration developer

As a “vertical integration developer”, we also fill an extremely vital role on the EPC stage. Carrying out projects under the constraints of time and the environment, in order to accomplish financial and technological goals as an administrator, respecting the thoughts of the developers, investors, EPC companies and O&M (operation and maintenance) companies. The experience, knowledge and network acquired over time, concerning the photovoltaic energy generation industry, makes it possible to build cooperation and trust with world class suppliers, speeding up the development of the next generation of technologies as well as incorporating the latest technology.

The flow of E.P.C.

  • Project Management

    As vertical integration developers, by getting involved in development, fundamental design, construction and maintenance management, we believe we can build the best photovoltaic power plants. As supervisors and project managers, we will relay our thoughts concerning how a power plant should be, at the designing stage. Panel platform assembly and sequences can be performed accurately by having the manufacturer on site providing advice for efficient construction. Also, at the end of each step, verification will be made to confirm that the construction matches the diagrams. Additionally, every month, a health and safety conference held by EPC will be attended, and joining company briefing sessions will help connect the businesses to EPC. With advice for entering a contract with the power company and visitations with the Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, EPC and the business operator will be given full support.

  • Detailed Design (Engineering)

    In addition to the situation at the site, detailed design will be consolidated by firmly reflecting the ideas behind the basic design and our company’s design standards. Various ideas are being implemented to alleviate power reduction and maximize power generation.

  • Materials Procurement (Procurement)

    Always looking for new technologies, if it doesn’t exist, develop it. Building cooperative relationships with manufacturers worldwide, including joint developments, our own original equipment of the highest quality will be procured from around the world.

  • Construction

    In order to maintain “Smart Solar Quality”, highly experienced engineers will thoroughly control quality and procedures.