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O&M Business

Providing maintenance management services to realize optimal performance at every power station.

― O&M services which take advantage of experience and technology that exceeds 200MW

Smart Solar’s O&M not only analyzes the weather and amount of sunlight at the photovoltaic power station, but through the advance of IoT, also gathers and analyzes a multitude of acquired data. Detecting the causes of any reduction of power generation in advance, allowing for equipment recovery from malfunctions and deterioration in order to maximize power generation.
Additionally, in order to reduce maintenance and inspection costs, the next generation in O&M services are provided with remote surveillance systems and local inspection services using new technologies such as drones.

Moreover, we will watch over the customer’s power station using a high quality O&M service brought together with technicians who hold more than 30 years of extensive design experience, knowledge and know-how concerning photovoltaic power generation systems.
We have managed aquatic mega solars and battery equipped power stations as well as high voltage and special high voltage power generating facilities, from design stages to maintenance management in a vertically integrated manner.

For public industry use, there are many E.P.C. precedents of photovoltaic power generating facilities placed on the rooftops of schools and factories. Trusting relationships have been established between manufacturers and power companies, making it possible to provide O&M services in a manner where, through site construction progress management and various confirmation examinations, full comprehension of the power station and power generating facility can be achieved.

Strengths of Smart Solar O&M

  • Sizable reduction in inspection time through the use of AIs to analyze video data gathered through drone ultraviolet inspections
  • Quick response to any anomalies, and the knowledge and know-how for problem-solving
  • A comprehensively viewable monitoring screen using in-house development systems with scalability
  • Improving business efficiency, incorporating technology and equipment capable of detailed analysis
  • Remote monitoring screen (string monitor), customized, taking O&M into consideration
  • By improving remote monitoring quality, cost reduction and detection of details not visible to the human eye become possible
  • Generally, centered around the know-how of the chief electrical engineer, with expertise in proximity to electrical receivers and transformers. Our company, including panels and PCS are capable of full spec support


Concerning maintenance and inspection management duties

Operation Maintenance Business

Using a remote monitoring device to measure power generation, daily management of power quantity and equipment will take place.
Also, when an alert is received or an emergency response is required, primary response will take place within 2 hours. After that, permanent remedies may be sought based on discussions with the equipment manufacturers.

Remote Monitoring System

Monitoring Power Generation

  • Remote monitoring system, supported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Amount of power generated (Monitor PR level)

Equipment Alarm Monitoring

  • Equipment alarm monitoring
  • Monitoring facility operation status

Malfunction/Emergency Disaster/On Site Support

  • Emergency on-site service for malfunctions/repair
  • Confirmation of damages/primary support in emergency situations such as typhoons and heavy rain (temporary repairs)

Equipment Alarm List (Sample list of monitored items)

  • Lack of inverter voltage
  • AC voltage high
  • DC current high
  • AC current high
  • Inverter voltage high
  • DC reverse current
  • DC high voltage abnormality
  • PCS board temperature abnormality (major malfunction)
  • DC board temperature abnormality (major malfunction)
  • Reactive coil temperature abnormality (major malfunction)
  • Reactive coil temperature abnormality (major malfunction)
  • Transformer temperature abnormality
  • Air conditioner abnormality
  • Fire alarm warning
  • Independent operation not established
  • Analog input 4 abnormality
  • Analog input 3 abnormality
  • Analog input 2 abnormality
  • Analog input 1 abnormality
  • External connection protection 2
  • DC ground abnormality
  • Synchronization signal abnormality
  • Control power supply abnormality (VP24A/VP5A)
  • Control power supply abnormality (VP24BB)
  • Control power supply abnormality
  • Control power supply abnormality (VP15/VN15)
  • POD communication error
  • Subcycle setting abnormality
  • Control unit abnormality (minor malfunction)
  • Control unit abnormality (major malfunction)
  • INV momentary overcurrent
  • Electromagnetic contact interception abnormality (MC11)
  • INV1 fuse interruption
  • INV1IGBT protection operation
  • INV1 temperature abnormality (major malfunction)
  • INV1 temperature abnormality (caution)
  • INV1 interchange overcurrent
  • Electromagnetic contact injector abnormality (MC11)
  • INV2 momentary overcurrent
  • Electromagnetic contact interrupter abnormality (MC21)
  • INV2 fuse interruption
  • INV2IGBT protection operation
  • INV2 temperature abnormality (major malfunction)
  • INV2 temperature abnormality (caution)
  • INV2 AC overcurrent
  • Electromagnetic contact injector abnormality (MC21)
  • Balancer momentary overcurrent
  • Balancer fuse interruption
  • Balancer IGBT protection operation
  • Balancer temperature abnormality (major malfunction)
  • PCS board FAN abnormality
  • Balancer temperature abnormality (caution)
  • Balancer AC overcurrent
  • DC board FAN abnormality

Maintenance and Inspection Management Business

Prevent power generation loss with close inspections in order to catch any problems which could not be identified by remote monitoring. Also, confirming the status of facilities near to the power station and in consideration for the outlying area, actions including the inspection of access routes to the power station for any potential problems, inspections of borders with neighboring properties (fences, cliffs, roads, etc.), verification of sewage and possible airborne materials are performed.

Selection of chief electrical engineer
  • Selecting our chief electrical engineer or the consignment of security control operations.
  • Exacting cooperative duties will be performed.
Power Station Management

Security Surveillance

  • Remote security system, supported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (Such as SECOM)


  • On-site weeding and weed prevention (such as the application of herbicides and removal of dead leaves)
Scheduled Inspections

Monthly/Annual Inspections

  • IV curve characteristic measurement/Strings inspection/Per panel function inspection
    Function Measurement

Function Measurement

  • Power control and connection box, confirm that the batteries are not malfunctioning

Visual and Touch Inspection

  • Search for cracks in the modules and warped platforms by looking at and feeling the surfaces

Option Service

In performing site management, risks from natural disasters and problems that are discovered through inspection duties will be dealt with immediately.

Scheduled Maintenance

Infrared Inspection by Drone

  • Infrared inspections performed by drones at large scale power stations

Repairs and Renovations at Facilities

  • Repairing equipment and fixtures within facilities
  • Renovations

Dredging Operations

  • Dredging operations at drainage adjustment reservoirs
  • Sediment removal, etc.

Panel Cleaning

  • Cleaning sand dust and bird droppings off of panels

Snow removal

  • Removing snow in regions with heavy snowfall or irregular weather conditions

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