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Privacy Policy

Smart Solar Corporation (herein, our company) will handle personal information appropriately, with the belief that the protection of such is an important responsibility to society, and in order to accomplish this, we will handle this personal information in accordance with the following policies.

[Basic Policy]

Personal information is important personal property,
in the handling of this, all of our employees,
respect the personal information protection management system,
and through handling this personal information in an exacting and safe manner,
we will protect the customer’s information,
and must meet this trust that is given to us.

[Purpose of Compliance/Program Concerning Personal Information]

1.The appropriate acquisition and application of personal information shall be the statute in operation.
2.We will determine as a basic rule, that corrective and precautionary measures will be taken in order to avoid leaks, loss or damage to personal information.
3.Except for situations where it is required by law or through unavoidable circumstances, we will stipulate that this information will not be used for any purpose other than that which has been agreed upon with the individual at the time that the information was provided.

[Organization Activity]

In order to realize these policies, the following activities will be carried out.
1.Every employee will be fully informed concerning our policies and instructed to respect the laws concerning personal information and all that it encompasses
2.Based on this policy, corporate regulations and methods of use will be improved upon.
3.In order to achieve the purposes of the regulations, corporate and individual clients will be called upon for assistance.
4.This policy will be made available for viewing at any time through our company’s homepage.
5.Continuous improvements will be made on the personal information protection management system.

[Handling of Personal Information]

1.Concerning the collection, use, and provision of personal information
In collecting personal information, our company will clarify with the customer, the purpose of its use, establish the extent of use of the personal information, and handle it appropriately.
2.Respect of rights
Our company will respect the individual’s rights concerning personal information. If a request is made by an individual for the disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information, we will respond after performing an investigation within acceptable boundaries in a reasonable amount of time.
3.Enforcing security measures
In order to avoid problems such as information getting leaked or being tampered with, our company will implement our corporate statutes and enforce security measures.



Basic policy concerning the handling of personal information


1.Observing the law and social order

In obtaining personal information, our company will observe laws, ordinances and any other related regulations.

2.Secure management of personal information

Our company will stringently manage and protect the personal information which have acquired.
In order to protect the personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration and leaks, reasonable security measures will be taken in accordance with company statutes. In the unlikely situation that a problem occurs, measures will be taken immediately in order to remedy the situation.

3.The purpose of use for personal information

The purpose for our company to acquire personal information is as stated below.
If personal information were to be gathered for any other reason, we will request permission in writing through methods including email and fax transmissions.

1)To respond to any questions concerning our company’s operations
2)In order to send material requested concerning our company’s operations
3)To send prizes to individuals who won in a sweepstakes or promotional offer
4)After performing a questionnaire survey by our company, in order to reflect upon our corporate services
5)To send out publicity material providing service and support information
Additionally, in a situation where our company gathers personal information, if the purpose of the personal information were to be changed, this will occur only if the new parameters are considered close enough, within reason, to those of the old, and the individual will be notified of the new purpose and permission will be requested.

4.Concerning disclosure of personal information to a third party

Personal information will not be disclosed to a third party for any reason which is not stipulated in subcategory 1) through 8). If disclosure becomes necessary for a reason not included in these subcategories, the individual will be contacted by means such as email or fax in order to request permission.
1)If the personal information processing is to be consigned to a business partner in order to fulfill the purpose of use
2)Disclosing necessary information to business partners in order to respond to a request from the individual
3)Information may be disclosed to partners for the purpose of sending material requested by the individual
4)In a situation where a sweepstake has been won or a prize is to be presented to the individual, information may be disclosed to the sender of such items
5)To provide promotional material and support information, the required personal information may be disclosed to related service providers
6)To confirm payment methods and status concerning services provided for a cost which are operated by our company
7)In order to respond to legal requests from public institutions such as the police or the courts
8)If it is deemed necessary and unavoidable in order to protect the individual’s life, health or property, the information may be provided to the appropriate authorities for confirmation