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Local electricity is made from solar energy which shines down locally, revitalizing the local economy and realizing a safe, secure and sustainable local society.

Solutions to solve local problems.

Realizing major reductions in CO2, previously considered impossible.

Protecting citizens and workers from natural disasters, major blackouts, and water shortages, securing lifelines.

An attractive city, a town with vigor. The revitalization of regional economies is a never ending challenge.
The local production for local consumption of clean energy brings jobs back to the region and revitalizes the local economy.

Various seminars/conferences

  • Holding seminars and study sessions for local governments
  • Formulation support of feasibility study (FS)/master plan (MS)
  • Subsidy applications for businesses, administrative operation management consultation for subsidiary businesses
  • Funding support: Preparation of financial planning for Smart City construction
  • Technical support: Consultation for the construction energy resources through battery equipped photovoltaic generators
  • Consultation for local electrical businesses/administration management support

Various seminars/conferences

Smart Solar city depertment



Concerning precedence and technologies of public/industrial use

Building material integrated photovoltaic panels (BIPV)

Photovoltaic panels integrated into outer walls, top lights, carports

Smart Solar Institute of Technology Precedent

Photovoltaic panels integrated into sound insulating walls (expressways)

NEXCO West Japan Precedent

Battery equipped photovoltaic system for schools in use

Spherical silicon photovoltaic module

Rooftop installation

Ito Ham Precedent

Village electrification photovoltaic system (supports environment ODA)

Overseas/ODA Sri Lanka

ODA Japan JICS & Sri Lanka sustainable energy organization
Suburbs of Hambantota City, Sri Lanka 750kW
Sri Lanka Precedent