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Mega Solar Business

Aiming for the construction of 1GW photovoltaic power stations nationwide

Until now, we have developed, built, maintained, administered and managed major photovoltaic power stations exceeding 200MW across Japan (total investment of 75 billion yen at 30 locations).

In the future, FIT (feed-in tariff) pricing will become less expensive than industrial use electricity prices.  Therefore, I would like to promote the construction of a photovoltaic power plant in order to avoid FIT.  Developing construction methods to conform to various landscapes while protecting the environment, maximizing the amount of generated electric energy over a 20 to 30 year span and minimizing such things as equipment, construction, maintenance management costs.

Realizing power generation costs under 10yen/kWh, we will strive to build a 1GW level electrical generation business.

Original technological developments in recent years

We have developed our own original “raised platforms”, “aquatic floating platforms making use of reservoirs”, “solar tracking generation systems”, “large scale battery systems”, “agricultural type business models” and “surveillance systems making use of AIs and drones” among other items.

Promoting renewable energy electricity business, from the development of photovoltaic power plants to post FIT local energy businesses.

The “vertical integration developer” we talk about are business corporations which perform “development to design, acquisitions, selecting construction companies, determining construction costs, construction management and such”.

For the financing stage, a company owned power station would require 100% private funding or to issue corporate bonds to for financing.  However, in the case of special high voltage large scale power plants that exceed 2 megawatts, project financing is generally composed.  In this situation, conditions must be discussed with financial institutions as the project is put into motion.  Even after the 20 year FIT period, the solar battery panels can be expected to provide more than 80% of their generating capability.  With required system updates such as power conditioners, business can be performed as a local power company, a provider of stable electrical power at a reasonable price.

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Mega solar business and flow

  • Step 1

    Development stageDevelopment


    The 400,000 ha of abandoned agricultural land in Japan can provide approximately 30% of the annual domestic requirement of electricity.

    There is a possibility that a photovoltaic power generation system of approximately 300GW (300 million kW) capability will be built on the 400,000 ha (equivalent to 6 times the surface area of Lake Biwa) of abandoned agricultural land. If this comes to pass, the annual power generated will be 300 billion kWh, equivalent to 30% of Japan’s national demand for electrical power. On a clear day, the peak generation will reach 150 million kW, enough to provide power during the day for the entire nation. If agriculture were to take place under these solar panels, increasing regional value, it could be of great assistance to Japan’s food self-sufficiency ratio of 39%.
    As a countermeasure to global warming, power generation without fossil fuels can be highly effective. Photovoltaic energy, which doesn’t require fuel, will greatly improve our country’s self-sufficiency for energy and will also be effective for energy security. Additionally, with aspects like the improvement of food self-sufficiency, this would be like killing three birds with one stone.
    In order to realize this, we will continue various technological developments and the development of business models.

  • Step 2

    EPC stageE.P.C.



    As “vertical integration developers”, we also play an extremely vital role in the EPC stage. Developers, financers, EPC companies, O&M (operation and management) companies and others, each respect the views of each other, and within the constraints of time and the environment, in order to accomplish financial and technological goals, carrying out the project as administrators. Over time, the experience, knowledge and network acquired in the photovoltaic power generation business has made an increase in the pace next generation technological development and the incorporation of the latest technology possible through cooperation and building mutual trust with world class suppliers.

  • Step 3

    O&M stageO&M


    Always keeping the facilities in optimal condition through remote monitoring and data analysis by AIs

    Operation and maintenance are extremely important duties. The first function is to quickly detect any anomalies in the facility and perform any countermeasures immediately. Second is to analyze the amount of electricity being generated over time and perform examinations and maintenance before any problems arise.
    High quality O&M based on years of experience and knowledge, remote monitoring, string monitoring, remote I-V curve analysis, ultraviolet analysis of panels using drones, various forms of data analysis, use of the latest technology for power generation forecasts, preventing power loss and reduction of performance is performed in order to protect the investor’s returns.