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“Smart Generator” + “Smart Battery”

Realizing total consumption at the source with building material integrated/space saving high output “Smart Generators” and high capacity/low price “Smart Batteries”. Allowing independent electrical generation in the home and disaster resistant houses.

In the future, electricity in the home will come from power generated with photovoltaic systems and stored in batteries, an age of self-sufficiency. Our “Smart Generators” and “Smart Batteries” will allow for independent electricity in the home, realize a house that is disaster resistant, and provide an economically efficient lifestyle while being environmentally friendly. Innovation in household electricity through “Smart Generators” and “Smart Batteries” which make use of the unlimited solar energy which is provided by the sun.

Individual homes to become Net/Zero Energy Houses (ZEH)


Presently, the photovoltaic system market for houses have been installed in 2.3 million houses nationwide with 100,000 to 150,000 installations per year. For the current primary market trend, the national policy is to promote ZEH residences. Turning homes into net zero energy, or between generated energy and consumed energy, have a net result of zero.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry advocates that more than half of the households become ZEH by 2020, with almost every home in the nation following suit by 2030.

From an age of selling electricity to the age of consuming it at home
~The drop in FIT pricing to the rise of electricity prices


With prices of surplus electricity sales to regional power companies peaking at 48 yen, photovoltaic systems were highly profitable. However, with price drops over the years, the present unit price is at 28 yen. It is said that the prices will drop to 11 yen by 2025. However, a more important matter is that regular electricity bills are on the increase. In 2018, the price was 28 yen per kW, approximately 1.5 times as much as it was 10 years ago. It is said that the price may increase to 30 yen in the future. Behind this increase in pricing are such things as ①Drastic increases in fossil fuel prices ②Renewable energy levy ③Increase in consumption tax and promotion of power development promotion tax ④Nuclear reactor decommissioning expenses.

STOP global warming
“Living with solar energy”, not by burning fossil fuels

Our system is not only economic advantages and safety. The worldwide task of bringing an end to global warming requires a reduction of CO2. By “living with solar energy”, we can deliver a livable global environment to the children of the future.


The reason our battery is [High capacity = 10kWh or more]

The average household consumes approximately 13kWh of electricity in a day.
Of the electricity generated using a photovoltaic system, 30% is used during the day with “70%” remaining. To have enough electricity remaining for use during the night and on cloudy days, “10kWh or more” electricity needs to be stored.

[In the case of 5kW of photovoltaic power generation]
Generating electricity (17 – 18kWh/day). The entire amount of remaining electricity after daytime use (approx. 10kWh) can be stored.
Additionally, most of the required electricity for night time consumption (approx. 12kWh) can also be provided.


[30 year warranty on photovoltaic generator modules, free of charge]
[10 year warranty on batteries, free of charge]

Over 60% of new home buyers, continue to live at these homes for more than 30 years. Living in a house for 30 years, the electricity bill can be expected to continue to rise. However, with our system, electrical power can be generated for those 30 years without the need to purchase electricity.


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Innovation for home electricity.

Until the [Smart Electricity] + [Smart Battery] product announcement.