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Mission Statement・Corporate Policy

Mission Statement

Symbiosis and Creation
― Strong Wish to Success ―

Management Philosophy

Contributing to humanity for the physical and spiritual happiness of all employees,consistently striving for the development of new technology and mutual coexistence with the earth

Corporate Policy

We are striving to build a sustainable society that all of mankind can live in peace, working to spread photovoltaic systems and technological developments. Through operations such as development, construction, maintenance management, administration and renovations of solar power stations, we hope to make positive contributions to local communities and the entire world.

  1. We will always be fair and work diligently while remaining modest.
  2. We will keep the perspectives of others in mind and take care of our friends and customers.
  3. We will, through innovation, develop products of the highest quality and provide the best service.
  4. We will strive to protect nature and the environment.
  5. We will publicize these policies within our company and uphold them while observing laws and ordinances as well as corporate standards and rules as we perform our corporate activities.
  6. We will objectively evaluate the progress toward the goal of unification and follow it up.
  7. We will perform management reviews on a regular basis, operate a unified management system and continuously improve its effectiveness.