Company informationCompany Information

Registered Certification

List of Authorization/Registration

1Specified Construction Industry
2Registered Electrical Company

List of Certifications

No.Certification Number of People
1First Class Electrical Construction Management Technician 4
2Second Class Electrical Construction Management Technician3
3First Class Construction Management Technician2
4Second Class Construction Management Technician2
5First Class Architectural Construction Management Technician1
6First Class Landscaping Construction Management Technician1
7First Class Pavement Construction Management Engineer1
8First Class Piping Construction Management Technician2
9First Class Construction Equipment Building Technician1
10Construction Division Assistant Technician3
11Type 2 Electrical Chief Engineer2
12Type 3 Electrical Chief Engineer4
13Type 1 Electrical Worker7
14Type 2 Electrical Worker9
15Certified Technician, Electrical Equipment (junction box, control panel)1
16Authorized PV Construction Engineer2
17Energy Manager (electrical section) 2
18Biotope Project Manager (second class)2
19Air Pollution Prevention Manager1
20Type 1 Health Administrator 1
21Fire Protection Equipment Specialist (Category Kou 1, Kou 4, Otsu 7) 2
22Quality Control Certification (QC certification) Third Class
23Type 1 Telecommunication Chief Engineer1