I want to develop business administration and management views and create new business.

Yu Nakatsugawa

Electric System Technology Department/Joined the company in 2016
In my previous job at a leading electronics and communication equipment manufacturer, I was responsible for the development and design of solar power generation systems. The reason for applying for this job was that I wanted to work close to the president who pioneered the solar business in Japan.

Selected as a leader several months after joining the company

The job that I am currently in charge of is to select equipment for the installation of solar panels, consider the setup, and create drawings and specifications. I was assigned as a project leader 4 to 5 months after joining the company. I promote projects in collaboration with almost all departments in the company, such as the Development Department, Business Promotion Department, and Civil Engineering Technology Department in the head office, and external contractors and equipment manufacturers.

It is common to make proposals directly to the president.

"Incorporate new things" is the president's policy and the corporate culture here. In my daily work, I feel like creating a puzzle without a frame. I enjoy working here since I can stretch my imagination so that "this will make it better," and make proposals. Moreover, since I can make proposals directly to the president, I feel part of the management team. Our company's approach is not to submit a proposal after elaborating on an idea, but to submit the idea immediately and management will make a prompt decision on it. I like this and feel comfortable with such speed.

Looking at the entire organization from a broad perspective

I lead a project team of 10 members. I used to like to finish tasks all by myself. However, as a leader, I need to consider staffing, allocate responsibilities to team members, and clearly convey the purpose of the project toward the right goal. I am now able to think about how I can lead a project to success from a broader perspective. I feel I am improving in management skills. In the future, new business will continue to be created within the company. I want to give my ideas and management skills full play in the new projects.