Devising ways to develop rules: I want to become a dependable expert.

Yumi Takagi

Business Management/Joined the company in 2017
While working in the General Affairs Department of a general contractor, I became interested in a wider range of tasks and decided to change jobs. I joined Smart Solar Corporation because I was attracted to the growth potential of the company; its system allows women to work for many years, and women were actively working in the company.

Grasping costs and sales

Each project generates income from rights, sales of equipment, and supervising and maintenance. For equipment, costs to purchase them are also generated. I manage sales, cash flow, contract operations, and progress. In close communication with the Purchasing Department responsible for purchasing goods and other departments involved in the implementation of projects, I learn delivery and payment timing.

Creating rules on my own

Since the company is in the process of expanding, many rules have not been completely established. It is truly rewarding to contrive ways to develop new rules that are easy for us to follow. I accumulate what was stated by superiors and members of other departments, list them to create my own manuals, and develop checklists to avoid omissions in the operational process. I am happy to find that I can help members in other departments by using these documents and that they rely on me because they say, "Ask her, and she will answer."

Grasping the moves of the entire company

While I did office administration in my previous job, I was responsible for limited operations. In this company, however, I was placed in charge of various tasks right after joining the company, and I broadened my work on my own initiative. I was very surprised when the sales and plans of the entire company, which are usually handled by the executives, were shown to me as someone who had been working for the company less than a year. Grasping the big picture and current moves of the company makes me feel that I participate in the management of the company. Whenever I negotiate with people in different departments, they all respect my opinions despite my being young and new to the company. This is the corporate culture of the company. In the future, I want to become a dependable expert who speaks up own views without reserve.