Transforming a vacant site into a valuable facility with my own hands

Junya Hirano

Civil Engineering Technology Department/Joined the company in 2014 as a new graduate.
The reasons for applying for this job were that I wanted to broaden my area of expertise beyond civil engineering and that I had some interest in environmental measures.

I am responsible for design management and making presentations inside and outside the company.

My area of expertise is civil engineering. For land development for a mega solar power station, I negotiate with companies entrusted with the design and manage the progress. Since construction methods and the direction of design vary with the geographical features, I pay attention to them. I create rendering images using 3D software and present to colleagues and outside business operators. Since I am not good at talking in front of many people, I am trying to improve my presentation skills.

Facing unexpected happenings and learning from them

Generally, a mega solar power station is built on a mountain. It is exciting to see the process of rendering an image as it takes shape on the drawing with my own hands. I create renderings while giving due consideration to the natural environment, such as soil quality and plants in the surrounding area. It sometimes happens that the completed images are different from what I expected. If the completed image is better than expected, I am happy. However, if it does not meet my expectations, I make use of this experience in the next project by analyzing the reasons.

The open corporate culture makes all information accessible to us.

During the two years after joining the company, I completed four to five projects. It takes about two years to complete one project. I do not devote all of my time to one project, but work on more than one project concurrently. Currently, I have ten projects that I am involved in. While conditions and measures vary from project to project, I can apply what was effective in one project to another project and produce something better through synergy. The company provides a great work environment, but the best part is that the top executives do not hide information. The details of contracts that are generally kept secret are made open to us. Knowing everything makes us feel safe and confident and facilitates negotiations with outside people.