I can take on new challenges by leveraging my sales experience and other strengths.

Masaru Hamamatsu

SH Business Promotion Section PV Business Development Department/Joined the company in 2017
After working for a leading communications company, I joined Smart Solar Corporation, my first job in the energy industry.

To business partners and their customers

For the promotion of solar power generation systems with batteries for residential use, I prepare the sales support system and new sales schemes for housing manufacturers and builders and marketing plans for clients. It is rewarding for me to see a plan that I created after doing some research gradually take shape into a catalog or as an exhibition.

Open environment and work style that achieves a good balance between work and life

Since I moved from another industry, there was much that I did not know when I joined this company. However, people around me were willing to teach me, and I was able to acquire the qualification for the solar power generation system for residential use six months after joining the company. Since the atmosphere in the office is open and vibrant, I can work with a positive attitude all the time. Moreover, since I can concentrate on my work in the office, I can leave the office on time at 6:00 p.m. and pick up my child.

Environment where employees can fully leverage their abilities and attempt new things

The company provides an environment that allows people to leverage their sales experience and strengths and encourages them to start new things. If you are the type of person who thinks through and provides necessary solutions from the perspective of the other person, the company provides many opportunities for you.